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Initiated very early on to music within the family framework, Emilie  Aridon  manifests obvious gifts for the piano and  gives his first recital in Poland at the age of 9 in the city of  Zywiec.  

TO  age  12 years old, she joined the Conservatoire Régional de Paris in Pierre's class  Reach. At the age of 14, she obtained the Diplôme d'Etudes Musicales and entered Denis Pascal's class at the Rueil Conservatory. At the same time, she took chamber music lessons at the Paris Conservatory in the class of  Paul Meyer and Eric Le Sage. In 2010, Emilie  Aridon  is admitted to the National Conservatory of Music and Dance of Paris in Michel's class  Beroff  and receives  teaching  great performers  such as Claire Désert, Bertrand  Chamayou, Marc  Coppey  and Romano  Pallottini.  


She  is illustrated  in numerous national and international competitions in France and abroad and assumes the choice of a repertoire as vast as possible ranging from baroque music to music of today for which she nourishes a very great interest ... .. 

Passionate about chamber music, she performs in particular in a duet with her twin sister the pianist Juliette.  Aridon-Kociolek, as well as with his comrades at the CNSM in Paris, the pianists Julie  Alcaraz  and Esther  Seated.  


Finally, alongside her classic career, Emilie  Aridon  discovers tango when he meets Argentinian pianist and composer Gustavo in 2009  Beytelmann. A strong personality which will inspire her enormously and will push her to turn to Tango, Jazz, and improvised music. She multiplies ensemble projects, and concerts in France, as abroad.


In particular in Paris, it is part of the  Quinteto  Emedea, and the Company  Carabanchel, with whom she will participate in a project in collaboration with the Ensemble  Intercontemporary. She is particularly involved  within the  Quinteto  Respiro,  as a pianist and arranger. 

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